Canberra:Full Circle

State Circle
State Circle

There’s more to Canberra than shallow stereotypes and punchlines. The truth is so much more interesting. People are a part of what makes Canberra interesting and vibrant.

This brief for the Canberra : Full Circle 2013 project on ABC Pool was the major project in Sound Design and Production, where 100 students were directed to produce 3-5 minute story for radio or exhibition during the Centenary of Canberra in 2013.

Themes that emerge from this collection of sonic stories about Canberra in 2012 include the culture shock for international students, suburban cultures, romance on ACTION buses, the joys of driving around (and around) the nation’s capital, and the diversity of recreational sporting activities such as dragon-boating, mountain-biking and ping-pong.

After listening to a few, I dunno – can you hear a Canberran accent ?